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Weekly ACC Roundup (6/14)

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

We're a couple of days late, but here's your weekly ACC roundup. I'm filling in for Pat this week, so trust me, this will be far less entertaining:

Step right up - it's the Jimbo Fisher football camp at Florida State

You think Pitt has logo problems? They've got nothing on North Carolina.

A Louisville Maryland basketball transfer is headed to USC

A former basketball player hopes to break out with Miami this year in football

The Hokies - all the maroon

Blogger so Dear ponders a culture change at Wake Forest

Can NC State win ten games this year?

From the Rumble Seat has previews of the Georgia Tech's incoming freshmen on the football team

BC Interruption looks at an ACC with West Virginia in it

A rock or something was defaced at Clemson ... we kid because we love, people

Virginia added a running back recruit last week

Syracuse's Bernie Fine wants to get paid by ESPN, ya'll

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