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No Soup for You: Vanderbilt transfer Sheldon Jeter loses appeal to transfer to Pitt

Frederick Breedon

When Sheldon Jeter announced he was leaving Vanderbilt's basketball program, it appeared Pitt would be the likely destination. Jeter, though, was blocked by his head coach Kevin Stallings from coming to the Panthers.

No true reason was provided and given the lack of history between the two schools, the widely speculated reason that Stallings is blocking the transfer is because he feels that Pitt tampered with Jeter in some way while he was still with Vanderbilt.

So Jeter went to a higher court, so to speak - appealing to the university as a whole. But that didn't change things and the school denied his request according to the Post-Gazette.

Jeter now has a couple of options. He can head somewhere else or he can still come to Pitt and pay his own way his first year. He'll then be able to go on scholarship after that. Really, it comes down to just how badly does Jeter want to be a Panther.

His primary reason for wanting to come home is to be closer to family. Pitt may be the ideal scenario, but he can also accomplish that by going somewhere like West Virginia or Penn State. He could also head to a smaller non D-I school closer to Pittsburgh.

I made this point before, but if Pitt truly did tamper with him, I've really got no beef with what Stallings did in blocking him. Pitt, after all, did the same thing with Rushel Shell. As I've mentioned in the past, it's NOT the same situation - Arizona State has become an arch enemy of sorts with the Todd Graham fiasco and it's understandable that they'd have bad feelings towards them. But if Pitt tampered and Stallings feels like Jeter has done the program wrong, it's easy to see why he'd hold a bit of a grudge.

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