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The Countdown: 14 days until the ACC

Pitt and Maryland will be conference mates for just one year.

Patrick McDermott
Pitt and Maryland are pretty close as far as major universities go. The two teams have met on the gridiron five times, with Maryland holding a slight 3-2 lead. The last meeting was a Maryland win in 1992. The Panthers and Terps have certainly bumped heads for recruits before, and they are sure to again. The Big 33 now features Pennsylvania and Maryland, and could have potentially made future Pitt-Maryland games exciting. We will never get to see those played out, though.

Maryland will be joining a new league in 2014. The Terps will enter the Big Ten along with Rutgers in about a year from now. A potential Pitt-Maryland game will not be on the horizon for the foreseeable future. In fact, the only way the two teams could meet this season would be in the ACC Championship...and I don't see that one happening.

Pitt's new conference rivals have been discussed quite a bit. The old Big East teams like Virginia Tech and Boston College have been mentioned. Syracuse is Pitt's crossover opponent, so that game will live on. It all pointed to Maryland since the two schools are in neighboring states, and appear to be similar programs. Unfortunately, we'll will never get to see this rivalry played out.