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The Countdown: 12 Days until the ACC


The countdown rolls on and we're getting pretty close to the end, friends.

Today's number? 12.

Pitt is moving to the ACC and the conference has won 12 NCAA men's basketball National Championships. They actually have more than that among members from their pre-ACC years. Syracuse and Louisville, also moving to the ACC, have a total of four. But as far as current members go, the conference has a total of 12.

Duke owns the most recent title in 2010 and has three others to their credit. North Carolina has the most, five, with the last one coming in 2009. North Carolina State has won a pair and Maryland has one.

Everyone always gets on Dick Vitale for his love of Duke and North Carolina, but those teams are legitimate powerhouses. And from 2005 - 2010, they won three NCAA titles and the Tar Heels also went to another Final Four during that stretch.

With Pitt, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Louisville all moving into the conference, there's little question the ACC will be the new ultimate space station in the galaxy league in the NCAA.

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