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2016 (Yes, 2016) guard Maverick Rowan commits to Pitt basketball

Streeter Lecka

So, Pitt hasn't traditionally gotten super early commitments from guys. Steven Adams got in early, but as we saw with Chandler Kincade on the football side, they don't always work out.

But Jamie Dixon may have gotten a significant find in local guard Maverick Rowan. Rowan committed to the Panthers, but there's only one thing ... it's for 2016. In case your math is shoddy, Rowan just finished his freshman season.

He's a big guard at 6'5" and can shoot extremely well. If he keeps growing, who knows if he'll remain a guard. But he seems like a great player already and with three years to go, he should get even better.

As I said with Kincade at the time, the commitment was far from firm. That holds true here, too. Rowan likely is very serious about the commitment but things change - for both sides. Any number of things could happen to make him change his mind such as Jamie Dixon leaving, Pitt recruiting other big time guards, or he could get offers from other schools. Just way too many variables here that can change things.

One reason you shouldn't yet be counting your chickens? He reportedly said in an interview just a few weeks ago that while a lot of schools had been in touch with him, Pitt wasn't his favorite school:

Do you have schools that you consider as your dream school?

"UCLA is my favorite."

"I like UCLA, because I have just always liked them from day one of when I first started watching college basketball and it’s in Los Angeles, plus I like the Lakers."

What's changed in a month? Beats me. I'm not sure he has a UCLA offer, but in three years, getting one could be possible. But again, that's the reason you have to take things like this with a grain of salt. That's nothing against the kid and his word, but he's just that - a kid. He could change his mind, Pitt could change their mind - you just never know.

But make no mistake about it - if Rowan sticks, this could be a huge pickup for Pitt. I haven't seen rankings from Rivals or Scout yet, but MaxPreps lists him as a four-star kid already.

He also comes from a strong basketball family. His dad played at Notre Dame and St. John's before a brief NBA stint. And his sister is a star for Central Valley.

Hopefully he sticks with Pitt since I think this could end up as a big time commitment, but 2016 is a long way away. Oh yeah, and here's a widely circulated video of Rowan:

Maverick Rowan Official Mixtape [OBC 16U] (via scarberryproductions)

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