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Delayed Expectations: Look for Pitt offense to thrive in 2015 ... not 2014

For some time, I've been pointing to the 2014 season as the one when Pitt could put it all together. I still think that will be a year we see some tangible improvement, but 2015 is looking a lot better to me nowadays - particularly for the offense.

The big huge caveat to all of this is that I'm not only taking into account that all of those guys will be contributors, but also that they'll still be with the program and not transferring out or in some cases, leaving early for the NFL. Trust me - if there's one certainty, it's that all of these guys won't work out. Still, dare to dream, folks.

In 2015, Pitt will have several things go their way. If Chad Voytik, the projected starter by most by that time, grabs hold of the job next season, he'd enter 2015 as a redshirt junior and with a year of experience under his belt. In 2015, Pitt should have an experienced Tyler Boyd at wide receiver, too. If he pans out (and judging by the monster Big 33 Game performance, that's a possibility), he'll be a junior by then. Also catching passes should be JP Holtz - another veteran by that point as a true senior.

The biggest improvement, though, could be on the offensive line. Pitt would have an experienced Dorian Johnson (true junior or redshirt sophomore if he doesn't manage to play this year), redshirt junior Adam Bisnowaty, and if he sticks, an experienced center Gabe Roberts. And with yesterday's news, Michael Grimm should be heavily in the mix either as a redshirt freshman or a true sophomore.

The backfield is a bit uncertain right now, but if Pitt manages to land Shai McKenzie, he'd be there - likely as a true sophomore. And even without him, behind what should be a very strong offensive line, the running game should be a strong one regardless of who the No. 1 guy is.

Heck, even the kicking unit has a chance to be a veteran one if Chris Blewitt works out. And other than Johnson and Boyd, none of that even includes other impact guys from Pitt's 2013 class that could wind up being pretty good. Scott Orndoff and Jester Weah, for example, are two guys you could hear about by then.

As I said above, we're a long way from two years and things can/will happen. But, if Paul Chryst isn't scoring points in bunches in 2015 with a nucleus of these guys or most of them, something's gone wrong.

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