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The Countdown: 10 Days until the ACC

Darren Carroll

We're back with more countdown fun and down to our last ten days. So what about today's magic number of ten?

Ten equals the number of individual golf championships won by men's and women's players in the ACC. That's right, there is such a thing as college golf. In fact, it's extremely popular in the ACC and all current members have at least a men's or women's team. Pitt and Syracuse will be the only two members come July 1st that don't field a competitive team.

So those individual golf titles? They belong to: (men) Curtis Strange (pictured above), Jay Haas, Gary Hallberg, Matt Hill, John Inman, Troy Matteson, Charles Warren, (women) Cindy Hanneman, Virada Nirapathpongporn (yes, I copied and pasted that name), and Anna Grzebian.

Wake Forest has had the most success out of the men's teams. The Demon Deacons have captured three team national championships and Strange, Haas, and Goldberg Hallberg all won individual titles for the school. On the women's side, Duke's been the one to beat. The school has all three of those individual women's titles belong to the Blue Devils and they have five team championships to their credit.

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