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Weekly ACC Roundup 6/22: Elimination Edition

More news and notes to acclimate you to Pitt's soon-to-be home.


Before I get to baseball, how about that Paul Chryst? What a dynamic recruiter! I know I've never made jokes at his expense in these roundups. Nope, not at all. Anyways, with the busy week we've had, this roundup is coming to you on Saturday. Thanks to Anson for filling in for me last week as I was in Raleigh eating barbecue. Priorities, people. Let's get to it, y'all:

Boston College: BC Interruption makes a case for scrapping the ACC's division model altogether. They make some good points.

Clemson: Campus police are looking through evidence to find who vandalized Howard's Rock

Duke: A look at Mason Plumlee's NBA Draft stock. He'll go somewhere near Steve Adams if I had to guess.

Florida State: Pitt isn't the only team winning recruiting battles.

Georgia Tech: If you feel so inclined, meet GT's incoming freshmen (football players that is, not coeds).

Louisville Maryland: This joke isn't as good as it used to be.......just like Maryland basketball! ZING!

Miami: An interesting look at Al Golden (once rumored for the Pitt job) and his career.

NC State: Poor Wolfpack, they lost their elimination game in the College World Series to...

North Carolina: These Tar Heels managed to beat their rivals, but fell short against UCLA, eliminating them from the tournament. Sad times in the Triangle. But the Tar Heel Blog gets props for working in a 'Top Gun' reference in the first paragraph.

Syracuse: Nunes Magician is trolling BC so hard...

Virginia: The Hoos may have a Heath Miller 2.0 ready to contribute. Shh, don't tell the Yinzers.

Virginia Tech: Apparently, the Hokies are the 54th most entertaining team in college football. I don't know how that's measured, but losing to a team that just got beat by Youngstown State probably doesn't add to your "wow" factor. Just sayin'.

Wake Forest: A tribute to one of the good guys (and Wake alums), Tim Duncan.

And now, time for some music. This week we've got another North Carolina native, Ryan Adams singing "Jacksonville Skyline". Enjoy your weekend.

(via RyanAdamsVEVO)