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Shell reportedly no longer at UCLA, return to Pitt possible?

The WPIAL star left Pitt for the bright lights of Los Angeles only to change his mind.


The Rushel Shell saga, once thought to have reached it's end when the star RB decided to head to UCLA, has now potentially taken another twist.

Hold onto your hats - Shell wants to return to Pitt and won't be UCLA-bound, according to the LA Times.

Whispers moved quickly around the message boards and Twitter on Sunday that Shell is looking to come back closer to home and rejoin the team. While a move such as this isn't completely unheard of, it does bring up a host of other questions. Mainly, what the heck is going on with this kid?

There were a couple of reasons suggested as to why Shell left, whether it was disputes with the coaching staff, the rest of the team, or perhaps issues with his family (I seriously doubt the last played a large role). Regardless, the first two have seemed to be the most viable and I can't imagine the problems would all of a sudden go away should Shell come back. They'd probably be worse if he returns to the team.

It's too early to tell right now until more facts come out, but I just have a very hard time believing that Paul Chryst would simply open the door for Shell to return - not after what went down with his transfer. There would have to several stipulations and criteria that Shell would have to meet in my opinion for it to make sense. But even before he possibly rejoins the team, Shell needs to figure some things out, get his life straightened out, and once he has everything under control, we can talk about his rejoining the team.

Question time: If you're Paul Chryst, do you take Shell back? Pitt could definitely use him, but do you take the baggage and the questions that comes with him?

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