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The Countdown: 7 days until the ACC

The countdown enters the final stretch.


Only seven days until the Pitt Panthers are officially welcomed to the ACC. Today, we'll commemorate the week by looking at NC State's seven ACC football championships.

1979 was a good year for Pitt, but it was also the last time NC State won an ACC title. The Wolfpack won two ACC titles in the 1970s, with the other coming in 1973. I guess Pitt fans aren't the only ones yearning for the '70s. In '79, the Pack went 5-1 in conference play and 7-4 overall. Their bowl result? Well, NC State did not go to a bowl game that year. Oh, how the times have changed.

In 1973, the Wolfpack were led by none other than Lou Holtz. The Pack finished a perfect 6-0 in conference play and managed an impressive 9-3 overall record. State beat Kansas 13-18 in the 1973 Liberty Bowl. Holtz left a few seasons later opting for a job with the New York Jets before eventually making his mark at Notre Dame, and of course on television with Pitt's finest on-air personality, Mark May.

State's other ACC titles came in 1957, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1968.