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Not so fast: Shell not returning

Apparently the decision was made rather quickly, and Rushel Shell will not be returning to the Panthers.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The news broke quickly yesterday: former five-star RB Rushel Shell was not enrolling at UCLA and was interested in returning to Pitt. The big question then was, "does head coach Paul Chryst and Pitt want shell back?" Well, about one day later we have a quick answer from the Pitt staff and it is probably not the answer Shell was looking to hear.

Earlier today Sam Werner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tweeted out that the decision had been made and Rushel Shell would not be returning. He followed up that tweet with this article. It's pretty black and white:

Rushel Shell will not be returning to the Pitt football team after all.

Coaches in the football program will not consider the option of reinstating Shell, a source with knowledge of the situation said today.

Obviously this is going to be a hot topic among Panther fans. There are plenty of "what-ifs" to be had with a player that possesses such immense talent yet seems to have created such a whirlwind. I'll go on record as saying I'm glad that Paul Chryst and the Pitt staff made a quick decision and did not let this linger; the last thing we all need is controversy stretched out over days (or weeks).