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The Countdown: 6 Days until the ACC

Joe Robbins

Certainly Duke is Duke ...

Today's magic number is six, boys and girls. What have we got for you? We all know that Duke basketball has four national championships, but did you know that they have six near-misses as well? Six times, Duke was the national runner up on college basketball's biggest stage and nearly won the championship.

Everyone remembers the titles, obviously, but the runner-ups are darn impressive, too. Everyone talks Final Fours as the standard, but getting to one and actually winning a fifth game is uber difficult.

I'm no Duke fan - let's be honest. But got to respect Coach K and what the Blue Devils have done. Finishing second that many times would be agonizing to some, but when you've won four championships, it's hard to be all that upset if you root for Duke.

And when you think about it, it makes you realize how far Pitt is from being a truly elite program. The Panthers have accomplished a lot, but haven't even been to a single Final Four in the modern era. Long way to go in the ACC, folks.