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2013 NBA Draft: Pitt center Steven Adams selected 12th overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

With head coach Jamie Dixon in attendance, Pitt center Steven Adams took the first step in his professional career when he was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder to play alongside stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Like DeJuan Blair when he was selected, Adams goes straight to a title contender.

Adams has a long road ahead of him. He's got plenty of potential, but as we've been over, is being taken based more on that potential than what he's actually shown in games so far. His career at Pitt was a bit up and down, but the encouraging thing is that he improved as the season went on. He was far from a finished project by the NCAA Tournament, but it's undeniable that he learned quite a bit and was better than he was when he stepped on campus.

Obviously, we'll have more to come on Adams tonight - stay tuned. Assuming he doesn't get traded by the end of the night, all eyes will be on Adams as he starts his NBA career in OKC.

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