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Weekly ACC Roundup: NBA Draft Edition

As Pitt's official entrance to ACC nears, we take a look at this week's happenings around the conference.

Mike Stobe

Pitt officially joins the ACC on Monday. While the Panthers had their own lottery pick, the ACC was well represented Thursday night. Therefore, the links have a slight emphasis on the NBA Draft.

Boston College: The Eagles are hosting the fewest amount of games in football and basketball in a long time. Insert attendance joke here.

Clemson: Someone was arrested in connection with the Howard's Rock vandalization that I mention last week.

Duke/UNC: These two share a spot this week. Here's a look at their NBA draftees.

Florida State: Are you geared up for Pitt's opener versus FSU? Check out video replays of each 'Noles game from last year.

Georgia Tech: Chris Bosh had a good week. Here's a look at Yellow Jackets in the pros.

Louisville Maryland: Alex Len was drafted by the Suns. He's from the Ukraine. Whatever.

Miami: Shane Larkin was drafted. Kenny Kadji was not.

NC State: C.J. Leslie was not drafted. Lorenzo Brown was. I'm sensing a trend...

Syracuse: Michael Carter-Williams was know the rest.

Virginia: Stories about Ralph Sampson. I must say, some of these are really good.

Virginia Tech: Erick Green (who?) was drafted and traded like every other player in the NBA Draft.

Wake Forest: C.J. Harris went undrafted, but signed with the Denver Nuggets.

Ok, now to the most stressful and time consuming part of writing this article: the music selection. This I'm going with Alabama Shakes' "Always Alright" (one NSFW word is uttered, kids). I bought tickets today to see these guys in a few months. Check em out. Enjoy your weekends. And leave some music suggestions in the comments if you wish.

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