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Villanova transfer Achraf Yacoubou chooses Saint Louis


Villanova transfer Achraf Yacoubou previously was considering Pitt as a potential new home, but the guard decided on Saint Louis. Yacoubou had Pitt in his initial five for possible destinations, and then in his final three.

I'm not so sure that Yacoubou turned down Pitt as much as the program perhaps was still waiting to see what happened with other available players. The Panthers are still waiting to see if Vanderbilt will move away from their earlier stance that transfer Sheldon Jeter can't come to Pitt. There's also Alabama guard Trevor Lacey (who, by the way, was supposed to have visited Pitt last week) in whom Pitt has shown some interest. DeAndre Kane, previously expected to join Pitt, changed gears and went to Iowa State, so he's out. But Jeter and Lacey are two guys I think Pitt would prefer over Yacoubou.

Yacoubou could have been a fit for the Panthers, but he really didn't play all that much for a Villanova team that wasn't that great last year and needed some guys to step in. He could turn into a player eventually, but was far from a guarantee as even a good role player.

In the end, Yacoubou may have wanted more of a guarantee than Pitt was able to give him at this point.

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