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Tray Woodall to work out with Washington Wizards

Chris McGrath

While all of the attention has been on Steven Adams for the NBA Draft, Tray Woodall and Dante Taylor haven't gotten too much promotion. But that's because neither are expected to be taken in the draft. Even making a team as a free agent seems a bit improbable for both.

Woodall, though, will at least get in front of a team for a workout on Tuesday with the Washington Wizards.

Woodall was a solid leader for Pitt and definitely improved a little this season. He shot a career-best 46% from the field and cut back on his turnovers this season. But that said, he still didn't enough that warrants him to make an NBA team.

Just doesn't do any one thing well enough to play at the next level, in my opinion. Woodall's a very solid, but average, all around player and for him to get to the NBA, he'll either need to improve his shooting or defense a great deal to get a look. I'm not sure his game sticks out all that much from many other guards in the NBDL, or even overseas, struggling to catch a break.

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