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The Countdown: 1 Day until the ACC

Tomorrow, we answer to Ninja Swofford


1 day until the ACC: Tomorrow's the day

We're nearly there. One more day until Pitt is officially a member of the ACC.

This will probably be the last time I ever talk about the Big East for a while, so here's a goodbye to the conference we came to know and love.

Providence - Glad we don't have to be in a conference controlled by a small Catholic school anymore. I will miss the clambake, though.

DePaul - Thanks for always being the almost guarantee win.

Villanova - I. Hate. Scottie. Reynolds.

Georgetown - Thanks for being the tourney chokers that you are. Thanks for this. And this. This one too. And especially this.

St. John's - Dwight Hardy stepped out of bounds. You know it. I know it. End of discussion.

Marquette - Buzz Williams is the greatest non-Pitt person ever.

Seton Hall - I really have no opinion about you guys. Probably because you have been irrelevant since the 90s.

Louisville - Don't worry, in a year, you can wave the Big East/American goodbye as well!

Rutgers - Have fun being irrelevant in the B1G for the next millennium.

Cincinnati - Feel the worst for you. You deserve better than Tulane.

South Florida - Feel bad for you guys, too.

UConn - Don't feel bad for you. Thanks for pissing off Boston College enough so we could get in!

West Virginia - Hope those trips to middle of nowhere Iowa/Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas are worth it!

Syracuse, Notre Dame - See you guys tomorrow!

ACC you guys. We made it. We finally made it.