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The Countdown: 26 Days until the ACC

Paul Kane

26 days away from Pitt joining the ACC and today we take a look at Maryland field hockey. No, seriously, that's what's up.

I get it - Maryland isn't even going to be in the conference much longer. But since they are, I figured I'd include them in the countdown. The Terrapins' field hockey program has been dominant to say the least. And they won their first title back in 1987 - 26 years ago.

Since then, the program's gone on to win eight NCAA Championships in the sport, including an amazing five titles since 2005. The program was founded in 1974 and those eight titles are the most of any team in the conference.

Field hockey is one of those sports that doesn't get much coverage. And currently, Pitt doesn't even have a team. But that could change as the years go on since it's a sport in which the ACC excels.

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