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Weekly ACC Roundup: 'Explosions in the Sky' Edition


So, I took last week off to celebrate the Fourth of July (and Pitt's acceptance into the ACC), but we're back in a big way with the first ever member edition of the Weekly ACC Roundup. Not much has changed. I'll try to be nicer, but I still don't like Maryland. So, after you've recovered from watching 'Sharknado', delve into the links.

Boston College: The Eagles were picked to finish 6th in the Atlantic this season. For some reason I really don't like Boston College. I can't really justify it, but I just don't. They're like Notre Dame, but without the whole "history" thing. Sorry, guys.

Clemson: On the other hand, I really like Clemson. Mainly because Shakin' the Southland posts recipes. This one is for smoked brisket. Mmmmmm...

Duke: Rodney Hood, a transfer from Mississippi State, has an injured achilles, but should be ready for the start of basketball season.

Florida State: Ever want to see a 287-pound man do a backflip? I though so.

Georgia Tech: An, um, interesting story from a Georgia-Georgia Tech game. Just read it.

Louisville Maryland: The Big Ten released their schedules for the future. Have fun in Piscataway in November.

Miami: Canes bloggers make predictions for their team and for the rest of the ACC. Pitt is going 12-0, right? Right?

NC State: Backing the Pack looks at the ACC's deal with YES and wonders if this is just the beginning of a long relationship with NYC...sorry Greensboro lovers.

North Carolina: The Heels are like the New England Patriots of college athletics right now. They just can't buy a break. At least PJ Hairston will not face anymore charges.

Syracuse: The Orange have built some pretty impressive new practice facilities. I'm sure they're happy to see those increased revenues from the ACC.

Virginia: Can the Hoos get to a bowl in a simulated season of NCAA '14? No. Can Pitt? Sadly, also a no.

Virginia Tech: Apparently they play a lot of video games in Virginia. Specifically, NCAA '14. To be honest, the game does look pretty good.

Wake Forest: I really liked the guys at Blogger So Dear. Until they picked Pitt to win less than 5 games this season. Jerks.

For our weekly music selection, we're going with some post-rock in the form of 'Explosions in the Sky' with their epic 'The Only Moment We Were Alone'. These guys are amazing. Thanks for reading, enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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