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Former Pitt guard Tray Woodall to play in Istanbul

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt point guard apparently has his first professional basketball deal. Per his Twitter account, the former Panther will suit up for a team in Istanbul:

That's great to hear, obviously. Woodall got better during his time at Pitt and while the leap in production from his junior year to senior year wasn't all that much, one thing he did better was shoot the ball - topping 45% from the field for the only time in his career. And overall, he made big strides when you look at his last two seasons compared to his first two.

One thing that would help is working on a three-point shot while he's over there. He never got over the 40% hump there and some improvement there could make him more valuable.

As we mentioned before the draft, Tray had a chance to work out for the Washington Wizards. After that, the Brooklyn Nets had him in for a look. Those didn't materialize, but you never know down the road. A guy like Brad Wanamaker, who I would have never given a shot to play in the NBA, has been in the NBDL and while it's not quite the big time just yet, more improvement there could result in a 10-day contract or something if a team is stricken by injuries.

Hopefully we'll get more on where Tray will be playing specifically in the near future.

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