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EA Sports NCAA Football '14 Player Rankings:, #15 WR listed as top Pitt player

We all that EA Sports would never use the likenesses of real players in their NCAA games. Still, when it comes to Pitt at least, they do bear a striking resemblance to the team's actual players.

Here's a Pitt roster that surprisingly/unsurprisingly corresponds with the player positions and numbers profiled in the game. And here's a link to a video to all of the rankings for each team. I'll let you put two and two together, friends. And, the Pitt players as well as their overall rankings are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

With that said, here are the top 'player-like' Pitt players from the game:

WR #15 (Devin Street clone) - ranking 88

SS #25 (Jason Hendricks clone) - ranking 86

CB #2 (K'Waun Williams clone) - ranking 83

LT #70 (Juantez Hollins clone) - ranking 80

LE #68 (TJ Clemmings clone) - ranking 80

K #48 (Drake Greer clone) - ranking 79

DT #97 (Aaron Donald clone) - ranking 79

LG #78 (Cory King clone) - ranking 79

QB #7 (Tom Savage clone) - ranking 79

HB #34 (Isaac Bennett clone) - ranking 79

A few observations: Someone must have forgotten to tell the good folks at EA that LE #68 on Pitt's roster is now an offensive lineman in real life for Pitt or that DT #97 is probably a bit underrated compared to Pitt's real #97, Aaron Donald. And yeah, the actual K #48 isn't even expected by some to be the Panthers' actual starter there so he appears to be overrated, too.

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