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All the Links: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Rye Whiskey" (Tex Ritter)

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Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Tex Ritter - Rye Whiskey (Grand Ole Opry) (via Inviz)

A while back I gave you a newer version of Rye Whiskey by the Punch Brothers. This week, we've got the original from a little guy we like to call Tex Ritter. And yeah, he's father to this guy.

In the words of Tony Kornheiser, we don't skew old on this site - we skew DEAD.

Onto the links:

The PG's Sam Werner checks in with some notes a month away from football camp

Tight end JP Holtz is ready for a big season

The football program is only about 9,000 tickets short of selling out for the season - BUY MOAR TICKETS

Pitt-Notre Dame was ranked by as the 7th best college football game last year

Matt Popchock over at CBS Sports Pittsburgh/93.7 FM The Fan had an article on Devin Street

Pitt freshman football players stopped by the Mel Blount Youth Home last week

Atlantic Coast Convos is counting down the top 50 ACC players - Devin Street came in at No. 47 and Jason Hendricks was No. 45

ACCFootballRx has football practice dates for all of the conference's memberss

Eamonn Brennan says Pitt basketball can compete in the ACC this season

The football team's defense is ready for a big season in 2013

Will Pitt and Syracuse factor in the race for an ACC football champion?

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