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Wide receiver Devin Street looking to make history at Pitt

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When you think of Devin Street, you may not consider him among the school's all time great receivers. But he's already among them and when he finishes this season, he may be at the top of some prestigious lists.

Street isn't Larry Fitzgerald - we all know that. Fitz only stuck around for two seasons and wasn't only the best wide receiver at Pitt, but one of the greatest in the history of college football. You can also make a pretty easy case that he's not as good as Antonio Bryant, too. But Street still has a chance to set some impressive marks for the Panthers and should go down as one of the school's all time greats at that position.

The wide receiver is only 28 catches from breaking Latef Grim's (man, I feel old) school record of 178 catches. Street also has 2,047 career receiving yards - only 1,015 behind Antonio Bryant. The second number will take some work, but it's pretty attainable. Street has never had a 1,000-yard season, but he came close last year with 975.

Keep in mind, he's always had competition for balls, too. The past couple of years, he's shared the load with Mike Shanahan and before that, it was Jonathan Baldwin who had the spotlight. Highly-touted freshman Tyler Boyd steps on the scene this season, but Street is really the guy. He'll have a very reasonable chance at getting to the school record and you can bet that head coach Paul Chryst has that in his mind as well.

Chryst isn't the kind of guy to sacrifice the team for an individual - not by a long shot, as he's proven with several disciplinary actions already and with the Rushel Shell situation. But for Pitt to succeed, Street will need to have a good year, anyway, and if he gets close, I'm sure Chryst will want to help him get over the top.

Even if he doesn't catch AB, he's had a great career as a Pitt wideout.

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