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Pitt linebacker Deaysean Rippy transferring to Colorado

Christian Petersen

Been a while, right?

Way back in March, we heard rumors of a potential Deaysean Rippy transfer. Weeks went by and that was finally confirmed by Rippy in May. But as we approach August, all was quiet on the Rippy front. Today, though, his new destination seems to have been confirmed:

Colorado is close to finalizing paperwork for Pitt linebacker Deaysean Rippy to enter school as a transfer with 2014 eligibility, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. Rippy should join the Buffs barring an unforseen development, the source said, but the move is not yet done.

I know a lot of folks think losing Rippy is no big deal. Funny thing is, though, that when Pitt got him late in the 2012 class, there was a lot of celebrating. The 'get' was lauded as one that Pitt desperately needed.

My stance on Rippy is pretty much the same it was before. He may not have been expected to crack the two deep rotation this season, but he was still a four-star recruit with plenty of time to get better. Recruiting stars aren't everything, but Rippy had offers from just about every major school - Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, USC, and a slew of others. It would have been nice to see how he developed in a year or two.

Sorry, I'm just not buying that this is insignificant. I'm not saying Pitt can't live with the loss, only that we complain so much about the inability to reel in big-time talent. So when said talent leaves after redshirting one year, we somehow come to the conclusion that the kid isn't that good? Well, okay.

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