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All the Links: Weekly Pitt link dump ("Baby Let me Follow you down" / Bob Dylan)

Mike Stobe

The Band & Bob Dylan - Baby Let Me Follow You Down - The Last Waltz - 21 of 22 (via EarCandyJar)

Back with another collection of weekly Pitt-related links. Today, we've got live music from Bob Dylan performing with The Band from The Last Waltz movie/concert - "Baby, Let me follow you down."

Onto the links:

Here's the official football roster for the fall per the athletics department

Nice piece on Elijah Fields finally getting straightened out by the PG

The PG also caught up with Chevy Troutman, who is still playing overseas

Seth Greenberg and Andy Katz both say Stanford will beat Pitt in the Legends Classic final this Fall (video)

Devin Street is turning into a team leader for the football program

PantherLair recaps the latest Greentree Summer League games from Wednesday

Drafted baseball players Ethan Mildren and Elvin Soto talked to the Pitt News recently

The ACC has a new bowl lineup deal

Freshman Scott Orndoff talked to The Fan this week about the upcoming football season, and ...

Quarterbacks Tom Savage and Chad Voytik did the same

Atlantic Coast Convos has Pitt's defensive line rated fourth in the ACC

Basketball recruit Mike Young is growing up fast per the Trib

Like Pitt, WVU is having a hard time holding onto basketball players

ESPN's Matt Fortuna says Devin Street and Aaron Donald are Pitt's players to watch this season

Pitt-Johnstown hired a new women's basketball coach

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