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EA Sports NCAA 14 Simulations: Pitt suffers through miserable 2-10 season according to game

We've had a couple of posts hyping the release of NCAA 14 and now that the game's out, there's only one thing to do - simulations.

These of course mean about as much as preseason picks, but hey, we're bored. Bear with us.

CBS Sports put together one of their own and, well, let's just say that the game wasn't very kind to the Panthers. In the simulated 2013 football season, Pitt finished a woeful 2-10, winning a single ACC game. By contrast, fellow new member Syracuse went 6-6.


Before you get too bent out of shape, just know this: Navy and Temple are going to the BCS according to the simulation. Oh, it all makes sense now.

Just to make sure the simulation wasn't run by Todd Graham, we'll be doing an experiment of our own, running several simulations and reporting on them. Let's see if we can't get rid of these shenanigans.

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