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ACC Media Days: John Swofford comments on conference happenings

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The ACC's media days kicked off on Sunday and began with commissioner John Swofford's address. Here are a few notes from that:

- Swofford says the league is continuing to consider an ACC Network but there's no real updated there. One interesting note is that the conference has the largest footprint in college athletics and by 2030, it's estimated that more than half of the American population will reside in the footprint.

- The ACC will play the most difficult non-conference schedule in 2013

- Swofford says that Notre Dame should join a conference and when they are ready, the ACC would take them in. Also mentions they are contractually bound through the conference through 2027.

- Notre Dame would not have been allowed into ACC without playing five games against conference members

Lots more tidbits you can get from that original link to SB Nation's official coverage. Nothing groundbreaking here, but worth pointing out. Pitt coach Paul Chryst and the rest of the coaches will be up on Monday.

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