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College Football Odds: Las Vegas sets Pitt football over/under at 5.5 wins

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It's still pretty early, but Bovada has released some gambling odds for the upcoming college football season. So what do they think of Pitt?

The site lists the Panthers' over/under at 5.5 wins (-140 on the over and +110 on the under). Truthfully, that's about where I'd set it if I had to hazard a guess. You could make an argument for 6, but 5.5 is pretty solid.

So given those odds, of course I gotta ask - what do you think? For entertainment purposes only, if you had to bet the farm, would you go under 5.5 or over? If you're asking for my opinion, I'd tentatively go over with the expectation that Pitt will get to 6-7 wins.

Either way, expectations are pretty low for this team - shame, too, with all of the excitement built up around the schedule. If Paul Chryst managed to find a way to get to eight wins, he'd be hailed as a genius in some circles.

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