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Take me (close to) home, country roads: Rushel Shell to transfer to West Virginia

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Former Pitt running back Rushel Shell made some headlines when it was announced today that he was transferring to West Virginia. In essence, he picked the school over Kentucky, but that was after his fascination with the west coast, of course.

Cal seemed to be an option, but rumors swirled that they didn't want him. Arizona State was one of his favorites, but Pitt blocked him from going there. He was finally bound for UCLA until he had a change of heart and decided he didn't want to go that far.

We'll have more on this later, obviously, but it's a big move for West Virginia. First thought from a Pitt perspective is that he becomes the ultimate heel. He still had his share of supporters after he left Pitt, but the move to West Virginia has to make him a clear villain, right?

But for now, the running back has a new home ... we think, anyway.

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