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(Duh) Paul Chryst thinks little of ACC predictions

Jared Wickerham

The last couple of days, we took a look at the All ACC preseason football team and the perceived snub of Aaron Donald. But earlier in the week, Pitt was picked to finish fifth in the conference's Coastal Division.

As you can probably expect, Paul Chryst had a pretty bland reaction when hearing of the news:

"The good thing is none of it matters," he said. "Period."

Simple, yet true, obviously. For years, we saw Pitt predicted to win the Big East with a significant amount of talent. The Panthers only broke through once to claim a share of the crown, and that was under Walt Harris, not Dave Wannstedt, who accumulated a good deal of talent.

Do I expect Pitt to shock the world and pull off a Division title? No, not really. But as Chryst says, in essence - anything can happen. The preseason rankings are fun, but mean little.

The fact also remains that Pitt has its toughest games at home and almost always pulls off an upset or two during the course of a season. Like I said, I'm not predicting a Coastal Division title or anything, but the Panthers surprising a few folks along the way and finishing better than expected shouldn't be that far-fetched.

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