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Welcome to the NBA: Steven Adams debuts for Oklahoma City Thunder in summer league win against Indiana Pacers


Former Pitt center Steven Adams debuted with his NBA team the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon in a summer league game against the Indiana Pacers. Safe to say, he had a Steven Adams type of game as Pitt fans know it.

Adams entered the game about halfway through the first quarter but on his first offensive touch, turned the ball over. Minutes later, though, he had one of the plays of the game rolling to the basket and on the receiving end of an alley oop pass, slamming the ball down with one hand.

Besides that, though, Adams was largely unimpressive and those were his only points. He did what he's capable of, hauling in a team-high six rebounds and adding two blocks. But he finished the game on only 1-4 shooting, missed two jump shots badly early on, and had two turnovers in about 20 minutes of action. Adams also showed off his lack of hands, missing a pass early in the game and allowing it to roll through his legs out of bounds.

Here's a full box score if you're so inclined. And FWIW, the Thunder won the game 76-68. It's worth noting that third-year center Daniel Orton, who will be one of Adams' competitors for playing time, had a very good game.

Adams wasn't terrible for playing in his first NBA game, but it's clear he has a long way to go. Also, remember that this is only a summer league game where most stars on a team sit out. This isn't the same as playing in a regular season game - not even close. Adams was playing against other rookies and younger players, not seasoned vets who will provide more difficult competition.

As the year goes on, he'll make plays and he'll look foolish on some just like he did on Sunday. That's what all rookies do and someone as raw as Adams will be no different.

Sunday was the first step on a very long journey for Adams. He's surely glad to get his first game out of the way and officially begins his work to prove he belongs on the floor this fall.

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