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All the Links: Weekly Pitt link dump / "I Can't Wait to Play in the NBA" (Shan Foster)

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Shan Foster: NBA Draft Song (via ilananunn)

We're back after a long holiday weekend. Hopefully you escaped the 4th safely, friends.

This week's music choice actually is a week late. But we're back with Shan Foster rocking out on his Casio about wanting to play in the NBA. If you've never seen this incredibly awkward video, I promise you it's well worth the two minutes of your time. Foster jamming out in his bedroom to a cheesy song is totally must see TV.

And of course the ironic thing is that Foster has actually yet to play in the NBA in a regular season game, so there's that.

Onto the links:

Pitt finished last of the ACC schools in the Director's Cup race

Will Pitt recruit more in the south for basketball now that they're in the ACC?

The women's basketball team added a couple of recruits last week

The Syracuse football game will be one of revenge for Pitt looks at the future of Pitt in the ACC

Retiring Chancellor Mark Nordenberg has made an impression at Pitt

Pitt's receivers and tight ends rank near the bottom of the ACC according to Atlantic Coast Convos

Incoming freshman Josh Newkirk scored 33 points in a Greentree Summer League game

ACCFootballRx had a look at Pitt's history upon joining the ACC

Former Pitt player Chas Alecxih talked about Rushel Shell with the Fan

Need help remembering which teams are in the ACC Coastal with Pitt? ACRONYM TIME

Ninja Swoff has a letter to ACC fans after the addition of Pitt and Syracuse

Athlon doesn't have a single Pitt player in their list of 20 Heisman candidates from the ACC

Pitt-Johnstown added four sports last week

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