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Athlon names Adam Bisnowaty as Pitt's 2013 breakout player

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to naming a breakout candidate for Pitt, you could go in several directions. The most popular choice would probably be Isaac Bennett at running back. Other reasonable picks could be tight end J.P. Holtz or Lafayette Pitts at cornerback.

Athlon had other ideas, though, naming offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty as one - and that's really not a bad pick, either.

Former Pitt offensive lineman Chris Jacobson, a pretty good player in his own right, was very impressed with Bisnowaty, saying he could be a four-year starter. All the talk is usually about five-star lineman Dorian Johnson when it comes to the offensive line, but Bisnowaty was also heavily sought after as he picked Pitt over Florida.

If forced to pick, I'd go with Bennett since he'll get so many touches, but Bisnowaty as a breakout player isn't a bad choice. He can have a big impact on Pitt this year and with the loss of a couple of starters in Ryan Turnley and Chris Jacobson, could have a chance to start on the line.

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