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Sporting News names Aaron Donald and Devin Street to 2013 Preseason All ACC Team

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Are you sick of the preseason All ACC teams yet? No? Okay, here's another -

The Sporting News recently named theirs (Slideshow warning, ya'll) and Pitt's Aaron Donald and Devin Street both made it.

Donald, Street and Jason Hendricks have all garnered some sort of preseason All ACC recognition this year. They don't always all make the teams, but two out of three ain't bad.

I was glad to see Street make the team. He's missed out on quite a few even though you can make the case that, statistically, he had the best 2012 of all of the receivers in the conference playing this year.

Those three are all expected to do good things for Pitt this year, but the team's success will depend on others stepping up and becoming All Conference players or close to it. Guys like Todd Thomas, Isaac Bennett, Tom Savage, etc., are needed if Pitt is going to exceed expectations.

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