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2013 Pitt Football Training Camp: Day 9 (Scrimmage)

Last year when we attended most of the practices in training camp, I went to both of the scrimmages. The good news was that they were on Saturday. This year, though, the Fridays kind of threw a monkey-wrench into my plans and I couldn't get down there today.

But there's plenty to digest, so let's take a look at what others are saying.

So, among guys that didn't play were Isaac Bennett, Devin Street, and Trenton Coles, who Chryst said 'had to go get something checked.' Sounds bad, but Chryst actually said the news on him was better than expected, so we'll see what exactly that means since I don't think there's been any indication before that he was dealing with an injury. Coles being out at all would be a bummer. He's been the first guy off the bench in the secondary, going into the nickel packages.

Sam Werner of the PG has the stats you're looking for. Nothing jumps out too much, really. Chad Voytik and Trey Anderson both played more than starter Tom Savage, but that's likely to protect him. The last thing Pitt needs at this stage in the game is an injury at quarterback. At running back, James Conner continued to impress.

The quote of the day probably came from offensive line coach Jim Hueber who had this to say in Werner's report:

"As we go along, if TJ keeps progressing the way he has and Dorian's not going to play, then your hope becomes if you get far enough into the season and he hasn't played any significant snaps where you're putting him in the game for real -- where he's got to take somebody's place -- then you have to make a decision if you can make it with three tackles for the rest of the year or you can swing somebody else out there, or someone that has eligibility, give them the time," Hueber said. "Our plan right now is to keep Dorian in the two-deep and prepare him to play."

Hueber talks about both playing and not playing him, but the plan to me seems like it's a redshirt unless he's needed. One point I've made in the comments is it's really a tough call. If Johnson is all he's cracked up to be, a leap to the NFL after three years seems possible. If you redshirt him, you may only get two years out of him. But if he sticks around for three after the redshirt, it's clearly the right move as you anticipate he'd start next season. I don't know - I'm fine with either option and the coaches should know what's best for him.

I've always been skeptical about him starting right away, but I figured he'd play. That still can happen, but it's really going to depend on how the others in front of him perform as well as injuries.

For the record, DJ openly said he was fine with redshirting before. Privately? Sure he wants to play - what kid (especially one among the best at his position coming out of high school) doesn't? But from everything I've heard/read about the kid, he seems like he's a team player.

Moving on ...

Todd Thomas is still a backup at linebacker, per the Trib's Jerry DiPaola. Not surprising since he's only been back a couple of days. I wouldn't even be totally shocked if Thomas didn't start the season. We'll see how it goes, but it will be interesting to watch Chryst's handling of the situation. He's gotten a lot of flak for being too tough and I want to see how this plays out.

At the wide receiver front, Justin at Pitt Blather thinks Tyler Boyd will beat out the others for presumably the spot opposite Devin Street, noting a few big plays. Boyd may get the start over others, but the rotation is going to be something to watch. Just a lot of guys to keep track of including Kevin Weatherspoon, who impressed some last year, the veterans Ronald Jones and Ed Tinker, and even guys like Chris Wuestner and Zach Challingsworth. Lots should be in the mix for playing time.

Tomorrow's camp is closed to the media, so we'll see how much we have to report.

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