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Pitt-Virginia Tech Game Watch: Cardiac Hill Style

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

So, I've kicked around the idea of trying to coordinate a small game watch for some time now, but never really got it done. However, I've decided it's finally time to try to do it. So with that, I give you the Cardiac Hill game watch for 2013.

We'll see how this goes,but tentatively, we're setting one up for the Virginia Tech game on Saturday, October 12th. The time has not yet been announced. Obviously we wanted to make it an away game and that's likely the biggest one on the schedule this year.

Not sure where this will be just yet, but I'm open for suggestions. A place with a separate room would be preferable, but isn't mandatory. Maybe somewhere on the north side or the south side. We'll have some kind of giveaways or prizes or ... something.

Don't know too much at this point, but will take any kind of suggestions for any ideas you might have, etc. We'll provide more details later but for now, save the date.

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