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2013 Pitt Football Training Camp: Day 11

What happened to Day 10?

We last gave you a brief writeup after the scrimmage on Friday. Pitt did hold a practice on Saturday, but as it was closed to the media, frankly, there's nothing we can give you. So, onto Day 11 today.

One interesting thing to me was what head coach Paul Chryst said about preparation for Florida State. Is he worried about the big game? Doesn't seem so. When asked about if Pitt was preparing for the Seminoles yet, Chryst said “Not yet, we’re still in that camp mode, we’ll probably start looking next week.”

Lolwut? Seriously, I get that Chryst is worried more about getting the team ready for the season rather than one game. But I am a little surprised that Florida State won't be getting more than the standard week of practice attention. The game is on Labor Day, so Pitt will get a couple of extra days. But in all honesty, with such a big matchup, Pitt could probably use the last couple days of this week to at least begin looking at the Seminoles.

Moving on ...

Pitt was back indoors with the rain today. Isaac Bennett apparently is getting better, but still out. He apparently wore a less restrictive brace, but since he still sat out, not sure how much we can take from that. I expressed concern in a post over the weekend and the longer it goes on, those fears won't go away.

And as if that weren't bad enough, running back Malcolm Crockett also missed practice according to the Trib's Jerry DiPaola. Things are just getting easier and easier for James Conner to gain playing time, folks.

Another interesting aspect is the punt returner role, that the PG's Sam Werner covered today. Guys in the mix included Tyler Boyd, K'Waun Williams, and Kevin Weatherspoon. Another player he mentions was Lafayette Pitts and when I went to some practices last year, he did a bit of that.

I always hate putting key guys back there, though, and Pitts, Boyd, and Williams all fit that mold. As intrigued as I am by a guy likes Pitts back there, the concern about injury is pretty high. Pitt has a little more depth at cornerback with guys like Jahmahl Pardner and Trenton Coles. Still, the secondary is one of the units that is pretty set and I'd hate to see that up in the air with an injury.

Speaking of the DBs, here's some tackling video, courtesy of the athletics department - good stuff.

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