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Shots Fired: Florida State's Karlos Williams downplays Devin Street's ability

Justin K. Aller

Shots have been fired over here at Cardiac Hill so naturally (okay, it has nothing to do with it ... just go with it), it spilled over into the players.

Karlos Williams, a defensive back for Florida State, took what could be conceived as a shot at Pitt wideout Devin Street, reportedly saying 'he's not a great receiver.'

Now, you could take that a few ways, obviously. He could simply mean that Street's not elite, which he may not be. He could also be cheap-shotting the wideout, saying his stats are basically puffed up (for the record, I'm guessing the latter). Whichever way you read it, though, this much is clear - you can be sure that quote is making its way around the south side practice facilities.

Look, I'm not here to claim that Street is a bonafide star. I balked last year when a FOX Sports site projected him as a first-round draft pick in 2013. That, of course, turned out to be far-fetched as Street came back after testing the waters. I may personally not be inclined to call him one of the best receivers in college football but as a player, you just don't make that kind of statement even if it's what you believe. I mean, you know Pitt is already going to be jacked to the moon for this game - why make it worse?

Regardless - the first shot's been fired, and it's from Tallahassee.

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