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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Our Florida State predictions


So last year we gave you our picks on a week by week basis. Frankly, we were so mediocre at it that we figured that you deserve better. But instead of calling in actual experts, we're determined to redeem ourselves.

For the record, me and the recently-departed Bryan H. and Greg all finished at a reasonable 8-5 to lead the way last year. To refresh your memory, here were our standings before last season's bowl finale.

Moving onto this season, we give you our game picks for Monday's contest:

Anson - Florida State

Bryan - Florida State

Chris - Florida State

Jim - Florida State

Mike - Florida State

Pat - Florida State

Sure, we admit it. Several of us wanted to go out on a limb, but no one was really willing to risk a potential embarrassment and an 0-1 hole. For the record, I personally think the game will be a closer-than-expected finish. And while Pitt can certainly win this game, it's also hard to expect it.

Do you have more guts than us?

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