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MOAR TYLER BOYD?!?! Yes, please

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Jim alluded to this earlier with his post about the recent suspension, but if things weren't tailor-made for incoming freshman Tyler Boyd to contribute before, they are now.

The proverbial door is about as wide open as it can get for Boyd. First, the team lost wide receiver Chris Davis when he and his brother abandoned ship for Kentucky. Now, junior-to-be Ronald Jones will miss the season due to his suspension. Jones, in particular, was likely a threat for the No. 2 receiver spot alongside Ed Tinker and his loss just means that Boyd could get even more playing time.

Boyd wasn't there for spring drills so didn't have a chance to get ahead, but with so much talent, he'll figure in the mix. The big question will be how long it takes to develop some chemistry with the starting quarterback - presumably Tom Savage.

With a sudden lack of depth at receiver, Boyd will have his shot to make a big impact. There are plenty of other names on the roster that should figure in - Brandon Ifill, Kevin Weatherspoon, and a slew of incoming and redshirt freshmen. But if Boyd is as talented as we're led to believe, he will get his chance.

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