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2013 Pitt Football Training Camp: Day 2

Yeah, I'm not going to sugarcoat this - we all know the biggest story of the day was Todd Thomas leaving the team. You can follow all of our stories on it in the Storystream found here.

So what else happened? Not much, it seems.

The field goal kicking by freshman Chris Blewitt (yeah, we've been over this before ... that's really his name) was pretty good according to the Trib.

That's important because the kicking in the Spring game was uninspiring to say the least. Obviously booting some kicks with about 100 onlookers in practice is pretty different than nailing them in a tough road atmosphere, but still good to hear he looked sharp. You typically don't want a true freshman as your kicker, but in this case, Blewitt appears to be the best option.

The kicking is really one of my big concerns for this year. Pitt plays a lot of close games and is going to need all the points they can get. Last year, two of Pitt's losses were by a field goal or less and in 2011, they had three such losses.

Also, everyone's favorite topic: quarterback play. The Post-Gazette notes that the passing game looked a bit out of sync in 7-on-7 drills. So there's that. Scout also has some video interviews of the quarterbacks.

And speaking of video interviews, Pitt has several posted on their site.

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