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Todd Thomas could return to Pitt football team ... maybe

UPDATE: Speaking to the media, head coach Paul Chryst had nothing new to report on Todd Thomas so his return appears to be up in the air. Cue mass confusion.

It was a whirlwind twenty-four hours regarding Todd Thomas, and it just got a more odd.  The Post Gazette's Mike White is reporting that things have been worked out and Thomas will be returning to the football team:


That is certainly good news for Pitt football.  Thomas is one of the more explosive players on defense and really could be primed to have a big year with his health in better shape than in past seasons.  This now just amplifies the "what happened" question even more in my mind.  Was it simply a knee-jerk reaction to Paul Chryst and Co. going to the demotion well one too many times?  is there something more underlying that we do not know about?

Post Gazette Pitt beat writer Sam Werner added some additional information, although it is not much:


This does explain one of Thomas's cryptic tweets yesterday.  Call it a hunch, I bet this is discussed in the post-practice interviews with Paul Chryst quite a bit.  Well, at least attempted to be discussed.  Stay tuned for more details as we come across them.