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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: 2014 PG recruit Alex Robinson names Pitt in his top six schools

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt is still without a recruit for the 2014 season, but got word that they are a finalist of sorts for point guard Alex Robinson. Robinson recently named his top six schools and included the Panthers along with Texas A&M, TCU, Florida State, Memphis, and Vanderbilt.

He is a four-star point guard and the No. 72 overall player in 2014 according to Rivals. Robinson reportedly had many other offers from schools including Oklahoma State, Georgia, Marquette, Virginia, and others.

One thing that could stop Pitt from acquiring him? Playing time:

One of the most coveted floor leaders in the country spoke briefly about what will tell him that the school is the right choice.

"Coaching staff and playing time are big, "Robinson said. "I really want to start, but I just want to become the best guard that I can be."

With James Robinson on board for presumably 2014 and 2015, playing time at point guard could be scarce for the next few years. Even a redshirt in 2014 wouldn't mean the recruit would step in right away since James Robinson will be a senior in 2015. If Alex came to Pitt and remained a point guard, he may not get significant minutes for two years unless Jamie Dixon went with a three-guard lineup.

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