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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Panthers still in running for Isaiah Whitehead

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned briefly earlier this year that Pitt was in the running for five-star shooting guard Isaiah Whitehead, a top 50 player in the Class of 2014. Even though the Panthers aren't often discussed when it comes to potential homes, ZagsBlog says that Pitt is still very much in the running:

Pitt has not been talked about much in the Whitehead recruitment, but they shouldn’t be counted out.

Dixon has had tremendous success at Pitt over the last decade and can now pitch to recruits that the Panthers will play in the ACC against Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, etc.

Rorhrssen, who was brought back to Pitt in the offseason, has also has great success recruiting New York City kids — and that could have an impact in this case.

Per that article, Jamie Dixon and assistant Barry Rohrssen are visiting him this week. Per Rivals, his other offers include a virtual Who's Who list: Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, UCLA, Florida, Louisville, Syracuse, Georgetown, and about a dozen others.

That's good to hear, obviously. Part of the reason Rohrssen was brought back was to the program was the New York pipeline. The Panthers won't get every player like Whitehead, but the hope is they can get a few of them.

As I wrote recently, the 2014 class is off to a slow start. Adding a player like Whitehead, though, would instantly fix that.

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