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Pitt loses out on 2014 guard Khadeen Carrington

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Pitt's been on the trail of 2014 guard Khadeen Carrington for quite a while now. Jamie Dixon checked him out in a game nearly a year ago and Pitt had been keeping an eye on him.

Carrington, though, had seemed to rule Pitt out a few months ago and on Wednesday, it was confirmed - he won't be coming to Pitt and has instead chosen Seton Hall. Carrington had a bunch of offers from schools including UConn, St. John's, and Florida State.

Losing out on him is a bit of a bummer. Though he's not truly elite, Carrington is exactly the type of athletic combo guard that Pitt needs to be recruiting and for now, it's back to the drawing board. And while we all wait for Detrick Mostella's official qualification and joining of the program, losing these types of guards is even more disappointing.

Disappointing but not entirely expected since Pitt really hasn't been mentioned in connection with him all that recently. For now, though, Pitt's 2014 recruiting is still moving along slowly.

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