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Former Pitt lineman Jason Pinkston seems pleased with Browns' trade of Trent Richardson ... or not


Want to know a dirty little secret? I panicked when it came to my Fantasy Football league. In a PPR league (that's the key here, folks), I felt the need to deal my first-round pick Megatron (aka, Calvin Johnson) away for Ray Rice because I had simply no running backs and felt like Anquan Boldin was wasting away on my bench as the 49ers top receiver had a huge game in Week 1.

In theory, it wasn't a bad ... okay, never mind. I'm done justifying that nonsense. But in my world, it's a trade that didn't really cost me anything other than the chance to, you know, win. When an actual NFL team panics like that, though, it's a little more important.

The Cleveland Browns inexplicably traded away former top pick Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for an Andrew Luck autograph a future draft pick.


No, really - they did.

Okay, to be fair, they got the Colts' first-round pick in 2014 in return. And truth be told, Richardson has been good, not great, in Cleveland as his career (if one can have a career after a little more than one season) 3.5 ypc will attest. Still, giving up on a No. 3 overall pick in the beginning of his second season reeks of desperation. Richardson may be a bust ... or he may be a star. Truth is, though, few teams would give up on a player drafted so high after only 18 games.

So, we get to the Pitt tie-in because this is, after all, a Pitt site. Jason Pinkston, now starting on the offensive line out in Cleveland heard about the deal. His initial reaction? Hilarity predictably ensued.

Pinkston came back to earth a bit with this tweet:

The fun didn't stop there, though. Pinkston announced his future short-term plans:

Well, then.

In case you weren't sure if these tweets referenced the trade, Pinkston made it pretty clear when he responded to a fan who suggested he would catch a lot of crap for the tweets:

Like Pinkston, the rest of the Browns have to be wondering what exactly is going on in Cleveland. The team's immediate plans included a potential foray into the Willis McGahee market.

Seems legit.

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