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Paul Chryst doesn't expect any new freshman contributors this season

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Head coach Paul Chryst had an interesting quote in his weekly press conference that I mentioned briefly already, but wanted to revisit. In the presser, Chryst said that he didn't anticipate any freshmen that hadn't yet played to get onto the field this year. Specifically, while talking about burning the redshirts of other freshmen, Chryst offered this brief response:

“Right now, I don’t think so.”

That's not too surprising since a dozen freshmen have already suited up. One guy you might have expected to see some time, though, was wide receiver Zach Challingsworth. Pitt has plenty of available wide receivers, but no one has stepped up yet to claim the No. 3 or 4 spots. As I wrote earlier, while tight ends have caught some balls, no other receivers besides Devin Street and Tyler Boyd have even registered a single catch.

You might think that could open up some opportunity to play for Challingsworth, but it hasn't. He's not yet gotten into a game and judging by Chryst's quote, it doesn't sound as if he will. In the end, though, I'm perfectly fine with redshirting him as other viable options exist, including Ed Tinker and Kevin Weatherspoon, the current backups on the two deep rotation. There's just not much sense in playing him to serve as a backup receiver with more experienced options capable of playing that role.

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