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Pitt vs. Florida State: Open Gamethread

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Jonathan Daniel

It's here, folks. Pitt's first game will get underway in a matter of hours and, as usual, we'll have open gamethreads running all season long.

Most of our writers will actually be at the game, but a few of our writers, Pat and Chris, should be here and I'll be dropping in with comments through the game until my phone predictably dies. Following the game, stay tuned as we'll have a recap.

In the meantime, until the game starts, feel free to leave your predictions and picks below. Let us know how you think the game will shape up and some things to watch for.

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Lastly, drop in on Tomahawk Nation SB Nation's Florida State blog for a look at the enemy camp.

The game will be on ESPN and game time is at 8:00 p.m. Here's our game information post as well.

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