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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt - Duke Game Predictions

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So far our staff has been unified when it comes to game picks. With everyone picking against Pitt in the opener and for Pitt in the team's last game against New Mexico, everyone is off to a 2-0 start. With the team's first road game of the year, would there be any division?


While Duke will provide a formidable challenge, all of our writers think that the Panthers should and will come out on top. We promise, at some point there will be some indecisiveness among us, but it ain't today, folks.

We've been over this before but with several difficult games still ahead, Pitt's hope for a season over .500 rests in its ability to knock off some of the weaker teams on the schedule. Duke may not be a bad team, but among games against Miami, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Georgia Tech, the game against the Blue Devils presents more of an opportunity for a win, shall we say.

Anson (2-0): Pitt

Bryan (2-0): Pitt

Chris (2-0): Pitt

Jim (2-0): Pitt

Mike (2-0): Pitt

Pat (2-0): Pitt

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