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Gambling Odds for Pitt - Duke shift

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We don't do a lot of coverage on gambling odds here on the site. That said, I do like to take notice during the week to see how odds shift from the beginning of the week to the end as we get closer to game time.

First things first, the odds aren't necessarily indicative of how Vegas necessarily thinks the games will turn out. Rather, the goal is to get an equal number of bettors on each side.

The spread started out at around -6 for Pitt earlier as the Panthers were nearly a touchdown favorite. That number has shrunk to about -4 to -4.5 in most places. That's not really dramatic, but to be honest, I'm surprised it's not a bit more in Pitt's favor. Personally, I expect Pitt to win this game and by more than four or even six points. That's not to say the Blue Devils are necessarily a bad team or that Pitt is that much better. Just got a good feeling about this one, that's all (and no, that's not an indication that you should start plunking down money in favor of Pitt).

I could really see a Panthers win by about ten points or so in this one. The offense from last week has me really encouraged and while I don't expect Pitt to go off for 49 points, another good showing isn't out of the question.

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